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ASGMINT miners were included in the list of eleven key companies producing miners worldwide in 2018-2019


The ASGMINT miners are the world’s most efficient Bitcoin miners

The ASGMINT miners are the world’s most efficient Bitcoin miners, running faster and cooler than any competing miners.

Our miners can work in any SHA256 pool. Asicboost support is not required.

The 8 nm ASG 1777 runs at a 132 GH per chip with power efficiency of around 0.26 J/TH.

To achieve better efficiency, our engineering team has thoroughly customized the chip design to optimize its architecture, circuit, and economics.

The chips are manufactured by the Taiwanese company TSMC, one of the leaders in the semiconductor products industry and the leading supplier of chips for mining equipment.

In 2019, ASGMINT miners were included in the list of 11 most famous and promising companies producing mining equipment. We ranked with such major companies as: Bitmain Technologies, Canaan Creative, Halong Mining, BitFury Group and several other. You can read the review details in the "News" section.

Mining calculation

Model Hashing Power Mined/day Mined/week Mined/month  Mined/year
ASGMINT ONE 25,3 Th/s 0.0011319 BTC  0.0079255 BTC  0.033968 BTC  0.41327 BTC
ASGMINT DOUBLE 50,6 Th/s 0.0022649 BTC  0.015851 BTC  0.067936 BTC  0.82654 BTC
ASGMINT PROF 304,15 Th/s  0.013607 BTC 0.0955282 BTC  0.40832 BTC  4.972 BTC
ASGMINT PROF 2.0 366,85 Th/s 0.016423 BTC  0.11495 BTC  0.49258 BTC  5.995 BTC

ASGMINT PROF 2.0 miner (366,85 Th/s)

The ASGMINT PROF 2.0 is a new model developed for large miners and crypto-currency farms.

Type: SHA256

Hash rate: 366,85 Th/s

Power Consumption: 8 591 W

Each chip 8 nm ASG 1777 has a capacity of 120 GH.

There are 58 boards inside the miner. There are 48 chips on each board. Total 2784 chips in the miner. Each board is capable of running autonomously.

Can work in any SHA256 pool. Asicboost support is not required.56 high-speed cooling fans (80x80 mm) are running at top-speed to provide adequate cooling for the ASG PROF 2.0 miner.

Miner uses 3 independent built-in power supplies (3 kW each), connected through a special current divider. Power supplies have it's own cooling fans.

To display system errors, a system with LEDs (one LED per board) is used.

Guarantee for 1 year.

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Hashrate of working miners

Worker 2 - ASGMINT PROF (276,5 Th/s) *first generation

Worker 1 - ASGMINT DOUBLE (46 Th/s) *first generation

Worker 4 - ASGMINT ONE (23 Th/s) *first generation

Photos from customers

Feedbacks and reviews

Jeremy Silman(Algeria, Mostaganem) 

Jeremy Silman

United States, Pennsylvania

A wonderful ONE miner, bought as replacement for my Bitmain S9. I gradually plan to replace them with the whole farm. There were small delays with delivery, but as a result, everything is fine. Sincerely I recommend.

Jeremy Silman(Algeria, Mostaganem) 

Naresh Hussain

India, New Delhi

Asg detained the order for 5 days, but as an apology they gave a promotional code for a 20% discount on the next order. I was worried of the noise, but it is not strong. A full review is still too early to write, I use only a week.

Jeremy Silman(Algeria, Mostaganem) 

Evgeny Nikolaev

Russia, Moscow

Ordered "to sample" first one miner model Double and now we are waiting for the delivery of 25 models Double. To the equipment no complaints, everything works fine, the main thing is that you can choose any software and pool.


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