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Terms of Sale (Public offer)


We only accept bitcoin (BTC) payments at the time you place the order. Please make sure you manually add the exchange transaction fee to the payment. Otherwise, you will underpay and the purchase will not be finalized. If you need to make a payment in Ether, or Bitcoin Cash send e-mail with your order number and all details to our sales team ( and we will send to you the requisites.


All sales are final. No refunds or cancellations are possible after payment has been made. Be sure you wish to order before placing your order to avoid buyer’s remorse.


We will keep you informed about delivery dates.  Once your order is completed you will be allocated with a delivery window. Our date covers the day the equipment is handed over to the carrier (DHL company) for delivery to you. Any delays after that will be the carrier’s responsibility. The customer is responsible for any and all import duty, tax and customs clearance fees and procedures. We are not responsible for delays due to customs clearance.


The equipment warranty is for 12 months which begins from the date it is handed over to the carrier for delivery. The customer is responsible for shipping cost to the repair center. We will pay parts, repair and shipping costs for repaired equipment. If no fault is found, or the warranty is invalid, the customer will be liable for returning shipping costs.

The warranty is invalid if the equipment is tampered with, including overclocking; immersion in liquid; mistreatment or wilful damage. Warranty does not cover power surges, or damage from electrical storm, faulty electricity supply or spillage of liquids, or anything other than failure due to normal operations.

You are responsible for returning equipment under warranty, and damage in transit will be the customer’s liability.


We are not liable for any loss or consequential loss incurred from using this equipment. Equipment is sold on the basis of processing power only. Bitcoin mining is in a high risk and unpredictable endeavor due to rising difficulty and mining competition and we make no claims or warranties about earning potential.